Unique Aquarius Accessories

Aquarius Internal First Flush Device

A sound rainwater collection system requires a first flush device as a primary filter to remove particulate matter (e.g., leaves, dust, bird droppings, etc.) and improve the quality of your rainwater.

The Aquarius First Flush Device sits neatly inside your tank inlet opening
It is much neater than the traditional external first flush plumbing and is easy to install and maintain.

Blocks UV light from entering the tank, restricting algae growth.

UV stable polyethylene.

Dimensions: 220mm high x 420mm diameter.

Price: $160 inc. GST.

First Flush Device

Aquarius Diverter 

  • Increase your catchment area by installing this unique diverter on additional downpipes, then linking the diverter to your tank.

    Alternatively, it enables you to connect a downpipe and feed water to a tank that could not otherwise be located near that downpipe.
    • Installed above head height and out of sight.
    • This unique device sieves leaves and mosquitos; provides a first flush function.
    • Eliminates the tank overflow by returning excess water to the downpipe.
    • Available in a range of colours.
    • Installation and maintenance instructions are included.

    Dimensions: 515mm high x 305mm wide x 240mm deep.

    Price: $465 inc. GST.



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