Concrete Underground Tanks


If you require greater capacity in an underground tank, consider a long-lasting underground concrete tank.

Apart from a small access cover, they are out of sight, freeing up precious garden space.

These tanks are available in sizes from 4,100 to 10,500 litres. And, of course, you can interlink tanks to create even greater capacity.

Underground tanks offer great value for money and will last for many years.

Tank Item DimensionsRiser heightWeightPrice
C 4100L2200D x 1410H3002.95T$ 2739
C 5250L2540D x 1350H3004.4T$ 3181
C 6100L2200D x 2010H3003.6T$ 2692
C 7200L2540D x 1850H3004.5T$ 2988
C 9100L2540D x 2200H3004.8T$ 3398
C10500L2540D x 2500H3005.75T$ 4037


The riser incorporates a stainless-steel inline mesh filter.

Gatic lids are also available for driveway installations.

These tanks require concrete around the base to anchor them.

Tanks are also available with a foot that increases the excavation diameter but avoids the need for the concrete anchor. Contact us for pricing.

Special installation instructions apply regarding delivery, unloading and installation. These are supplied upon receipt of your order.

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