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What is Rainwater filtration?
Rainwater washes contaminants from your roof into the tank – contaminants such as sediment, cysts, parasites, herbicides, pesticides and heavy metals.

Tanks are an ideal breeding ground for micro-organisms which can affect your health, and algae which can taint the taste and smell of rainwater.

Gutter guard to reduce leaves building up in the gutter and a first flush device to reduce the amount of sediment entering the tank both help, but contaminants still find their way into your tank.

Aquarius Watermaster can supply and install a rainwater filtration system to address your concerns about water quality.

Call us to discuss your application and desired water quality.

Water Tank Warranty
Subject to the conditions herein the manufacturer will repair or replace (at their discretion), any Aquarius® water tank which has a manufacturing defect or fault that is notified to Aquarius Watermaster within the Warranty Period provided that:

  • The tank has been correctly installed appropriately on a concrete foundation and according to the relevant regulations. In this regard you should consult a qualified plumber
  • The tank has not been subject to any modification, unauthorised repair, mishandling or abuse
  • The tank has not been relocated without Aquarius Watermaster’s prior approval
  • The tank is only used for the static storage of water at temperatures below 40oC
  • The original sales invoice is provided as proof of purchase.
This Warranty does not cover
  • Any consequential losses, whether loss of profits or damage to property persons animals plants or otherwise, or any other associated costs that may occur when repair or replacement of the tank is required or carried out. Repair work is undertaken at ground level, so tanks must be brought to ground level, at owners cost, before Aquarius Watermaster can commence repair work. All additional expenses as well as landscaping, plumbing, electrical, costs of lifting equipment and hire of additional labour is at owner’s expense.
  • Colour fading
  • Normal wear and tear
  • The contents, structures, foundations, attachments, fittings or accessories
  • Storage of water at elevated temperatures including hot water and bore water.
  • Use of tank for any purpose other than the static storage of water.
  • Damage due to war, riot, civil commotion or terrorist activities or Act of God.

The Warranty is a pro-rata warranty for a period of 10 years from original sale of above ground water tanks only. The warranty covers the original purchaser only. This warranty applies to Aquarius tanks purchased after 1 July, 2009.

How to Claim?

All warranty claims must be made in writing within 7 days of the fault being discovered and sent to Aquarius Watermaster: By Post: PO Box 383 Mosman, NSW 2088

By Fax: 1300 79 48 60
By Email:

The claim must provide the following information:

  • Name and Address of owner (Claimant)
  • Address/location of tank if different from owners address
  • Description and location of fault (Photo of fault if possible)
  • Tank Serial Number
  • Copy of original sales invoice clearly showing date of purchase
  • Name and Address of supplier.

Upon receiving a warranty claim Aquarius Watermaster may either have the tank repaired or replaced or may, at Aquarius Watermaster’s discretion, reimburse the purchaser on a pro-rata basis to the original value of the tank only, excluding GST, calculated in proportion with the pro-rata time remaining of the Warranty Period.

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