Poly Underground Tanks

We offer a range of poly and concrete underground tanks if you don’t have enough space for an above ground tank. You can landscape over the tank, leaving only access to the service lid

Poly Underground Tanks:

Underground tanks free space around your home and are hidden out of sight. We offer a range of polyethylene underground tanks so that you can save water and help the environment by minimizing the amount of water going to the stormwater system. You can landscape over the tank, leaving only an access lid visible.

Our underground polyethylene tanks are exceptionally strong, thoroughly tested to meet Australian Standards and can be fitted with a poly lid for pedestrian traffic, or a riser and cast-iron lid for heavy-duty use. These tanks are ideal for rainwater holding tanks and on-site detention tanks. Specific installation instructions apply to underground tanks.

Tank itemDimensionsPrice
UV 250L730D outer/630D inner x 875H$ 490
UV 700L1150D outer/1050Inner x 1100H$ 790
UV 1200L1150D outer/1050D inner x 1660H$ 1160
UV 1600L1200D outer/1100D inner x 2000H$ 1700
UV 2000L1200D outer/1100D inner x 2500H$ 2310
UV 3000L1750D outer/1650D inner x 2165H$ 2880
UV 5000L1925D outer/1825D inner x 2500H$ 4120



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