Low Profile Underdeck Tanks

• If you can’t fit a slimline tank, perhaps you have room under the deck or house.
• Low height for capacity.
• Seamless construction.
• Link together to increase capacity.
• Available in a range of colours.
• Tank shape may vary in appearance from the image shown.

UAQ330L 1750L x 460W x 400H  $ 465

UAQ1200L 1750L x 1600W x 520H $ 1080

UAQ1500L 2070L x 1400W x 680H $ 1180

UAQ2000 2050L x 2020W x 620H $ 1290

UAQ2000R 2400L x 1200W x 850H $ 1295

UAQ3000 2970L X 2070W X 620H $ 1645

UAQ3000SL 2570L x 2100W x 780H $ 1645

UAQ5000L 3320L x 2090W x 990H $ 1995