Associated with a rainwater tank is a variety of equipment so that you can improve the water quality and effectively use the water around your home.
The image above shows all the equipment that forms part of a complete rainwater collection system.

Aquarius Range of Accessories.

1. Pressure Pump
The key to a versatile rainwater system is a reliable pump to provide pressurised water for gardening and washing hard surfaces such as paths and vehicles.

2. Electronic Controller
An electronic controller automates pump functions. The controller senses when you open a tap and starts the pump. When you turn off the tap, the pump stops. Importantly, the controller provides run dry prevention to stop pump burn out if the tank runs dry.

3. Hydraulic Water Switch
A hydraulic water switch adds mains water to the system so that when the tank runs dry, the system automatically switches to mains water to ensure continuity of supply. When the controller senses that there is water in the tank, the switch reverts to rainwater. This component is essential when the tank water links to toilet and laundry outlets. Our hydraulic water switch uses Watermarked metal components for long life.

4. Pressure Vessel
A pressure vessel stores water under pressure. This water is used before the pump is activated, saving you power, extending pump life, reducing noise, and protecting against water hammer. The water is replenished the next time the pump activates. Our pressure vessels are manufactured in Europe using stainless steel and a butyl rubber diaphragm.

5. Yellow Rainwater Sign
Identifies rainwater taps and non-potable water.

6. Rainwater Collection Sign
Lets passers-by know that you are using rainwater for your garden rather than mains water in times of water restrictions.

7. Hose Connection Kit
The hose kit connects the pump to the tank and comprises a metal isolation valve (for later servicing of equipment), an inline filter (to protect the pump mechanism from particle damage), and a length of flexible suction hose (to cater for movement and vibration).

8. Water Level Gauge
Visually indicates how much water is in your tank. Calibrated to each tank, the black needle shows the level between the red (empty marker) and the green (full marker).

9. External First Flush Device
This kit is assembled on-site to create an external first flush device to filter out fine particles before they accumulate in the tank, ensuring the best possible water quality. After trapping the fine particles that initially wash from the roof, the chamber self-empties ready for the next rain event.

10. The Aquarius Internal First Flush Device
The Aquarius First Flush Device fits in the tank inlet and is much more discrete than an external first flush device and offers greater capacity than most external first flush units. It operates, in the same way, to remove fine particles, with the added advantage that it blocks out sunlight which encourages algae growth in the tank.

11. Twin Big Blue Housing
Some homes are reliant solely on rainwater. To protect occupants from contaminants it is advisable to install a whole house filtration system. We recommend a Twin Big Blue Housing to accommodate 20” filters.

12. Sediment Filter
A sediment filter removes particulate matter that otherwise clogs the more expensive second filter.

13. Aragon Filter
The Aragon filter from Europe provides three types of filtration, mechanical, sorption, and ion exchange, to remove a broad range of contaminants such as bacteria, cysts, viruses, pesticides, heavy metals, and oil products to provide high-quality water.

Exhaustively tested, the Aragon filter makes your water safe to drink.

14. The Aquarius Diverter
This product is unique to Aquarius and enables you to capture water from a distant downpipe and divert it to the tank via a thin pipe. The device also offers a first flush function. T

The Diverter enables you to install a tank away from a downpipe. When the tank fills, we configure the installation so that the overflow water returns to the Diverter and drains to the existing stormwater system rather than discharge over the ground. The Diverter has application linking downpipes to underdeck tanks where height is limited.

15. Pump Cover
A pump cover to match your tank colour not only protects your pump but makes the installation much more aesthetically pleasing.