Slimline Tanks

AQAW1000L – 2000L x 1800H x 400W                                                                                    AQ1200L – 1750L x 1600H x 520W
AQ1500L – 1400L X 2070H x 680W
AQAW2000L – 2900L x 1200H x 750W Lowline                                                                           AQAW2000L – 1680L x 2030H x 780W Short                                                                               AQAW2000L – 2400L x 1550H x 750W Squat             
AQ2000L – 2050L x 2020H x 620W
AQ3000L  – 2970L x 2070H x 620W
AQSL3000L – 2570L x 2100 x 780W Short
AQ5000L – 3320L x 2090H x 990W

Slimline tanks have revolutionized rainwater collection and storage and made it possible for most homes to now install a tank with good capacity. They are ideally suited to narrow spaces such as side passageways, behind the garage or along a blank wall. A number of slimline tanks can be interconnected to increase capacity.

Aquarius Watermaster offers Slimline poly tanks with the following features:

  • Seamless construction – less likely to leak than steel tanks;
  • Both design and dimension make them extremely strong and robust;
  • The slimmest range of self-supporting tanks without any steel brackets;
  • When filled there is no tank wall bulge;
  • Even wall thickness throughout the whole tank;
  • Made in Australia from food grade UV stable polyethylene.

Metal tanks:

For those who want the traditional look of a metal tank, we can help.

When site restrictions require something unusual in terms of length, height or width, we can supply made to measure metal tanks in Slimline and Modline shapes.

Our metal tanks are made from Aquaplate steel in a range of Colorbond colours.

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