Slimline Tanks

AQ1200L – 1750L x 1600H x 520W
AQ1500L – 1400L X 2070H x 680W
AQ2000L – 2050L x 2020H x 620W
AQ3000L – 2970L x 2070H x 620W
AQ3000SL – 2570L x 2100 x 780W
AQ5000L – 3320L x 2090H x 990W

Slimline tanks have revolutionized rainwater collection and storage and made it possible for most homes to now install a tank with good capacity. They are ideally suited to narrow spaces such as side passageways, behind the garage or along a blank wall. A number of slimline tanks can be interconnected to increase capacity.

Aquarius Watermaster offers Slimline poly tanks with the following features:

  • Seamless construction – less likely to leak than steel tanks;
  • Both design and dimension make them extremely strong and robust;
  • The slimmest range of self-supporting tanks without any steel brackets;
  • When filled there is no tank wall bulge;
  • Even wall thickness throughout the whole tank;
  • Made in Australia from food grade UV stable polyethylene.

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