Steel Water Tanks


We also supply steel tanks for those who prefer the traditional tank look or, due to site restrictions, require a custom-made tank to fit the available space.

Our metal tanks are made from Aquaplate® food-grade polymer-coated steel, specifically designed for water tanks.

Steel tanks are available in various Colorbond colours to suit your colour scheme or landscape.  

They are also available in three styles: Slimline, Modline (square or rectangular) and Round.

Our made-to-measure steel tanks will fit perfectly into your space with capacities ranging from 560L to 23,000L, depending on the shape.

View our range of standard slimline tanks below, or call to discuss your requirements for a custom-made tank



Tank ItemDimensionsPrice
M 2000L slimline1700L x 1860H x 700W$ 1670
M 3000L slimline2500L x 1860H x 700W$ 2372
M 4000L slimline2400L x 1860H x 1000W$ 2610
M 5000L slimline2600L x 1860H x 1150W$ 2650
M 5000R round1900Diam x 1860H$ 1787

Slimline steel tank

An ideal solution for residential properties where space is limited.

Modline steel tank

Slightly more expensive than a slimline tank of the same length and width, but offer greater capacity due to the squared-off end.

Round metal tank

Offer great value for money.

Metal tanks have a 400mm diameter inlet sieve, 100mm overflow and 25mm outlet fitting.

Fittings are located to your requirements.

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