Underdeck Tanks

Low Profile Underdeck:                                                                                                                 
UAW1000L – 3000L x 1200W x 395H                                                                        UAQ1200L – 1750L x 1600W x 520H
UAQ1500L – 2070L x 1400W x 680H                                                                                                  UAW2000L – 3000L x 1200W x 690H          
UAQ2000L – 2050L x 2020W x 620H
UAQ2000L Ultra – 2470L x 1810W x 470H
UAQ3000L – 2970L x 2070W x 620H
UAQ3000SL – 2570L x 2100W x 780H
UAQ5000L – 3320L x 2090W x 990H

Aquarius Watermaster offers a large range of underdeck tanks. Utilize the space under your deck and collect precious rainwater for many uses around the home.

We position outlets and overflows to suit your installation.

Aquarius underdeck tanks offer the same features as our range of slimline tanks – seamless, robust with even wall thickness and made in Australia.

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