One cannot deny that we are experiencing unusual climatic conditions across the globe, whatever the cause may be. Weather patterns are changing from what we were used to. Droughts in South Africa and South America in recent months have affected millions of people.

Here is Sydney, and other parts of Australia, dam levels are dangerously low, and first stage water restrictions have been introduced.

Water shortages impact on our daily lives in terms of drinking water, food production, health and hygiene, and lifestyle.

We can each do our part to preserve this precious resource by being water conscious, conserving water each time we turn on a tap. Taking it a step further, we can install rainwater tanks to capture rainwater at every opportunity.

The average rainfall in Sydney is 1300mm per year. The average roof area is 130 square metres. This   equates to 169,000 litres of wonderful rainwater delivered free each year. Yes free, and without added chemicals.

Water caught in a rainwater tank can be used to water the garden, wash vehicles, flush toilets and wash clothes. With proper filtration the water can also be consumed. By collecting rainwater, we reduce the drain on highly treated water, water that comes at considerable expense. Consider the infrastructure and electricity costs associated with delivering water to homes across the country.

Once a rainwater system is installed, you have free water on tap.

Another reason to install a rainwater tank is that it reduces the burden on the stormwater system. Stormwater finds its way into rivers and creeks, causing erosion, destroying animal habitat, washing pollutants, plastics and rubbish into our water ways and harbour.

Finally, a rainwater collection system will add value to your property as more and more people appreciate the benefits of being environmentally aware.

Consider the installation of a rainwater tank on your property. Every drop of water saved can make a difference.